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Chinese Sausage 腊肠 (White String /白绳) (500gm)
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Premium Chinese Sausage 腊肠 (White String /白绳)

Weight/ 重量:250 gm±  / 500 gm±


Storage: Keep refrigerated

Chinese sausage is a cured sausage usually steamed or diced and stir-fried in a wok. Our chinese sausage version is made most popularly from 70% fresh lean pork and 30% fats using natural collagen casings. Rest assured to have them with the skin on. Made of pork and seasoned with rice wine, soy sauce, rose water, etc., lap Cheong has a distinctive fragrance, smoky flavour and has a very pleasant sweet taste. It’s often used as a flavour component in stir-fry dishes or even becoming one of the main characters in the famous Wax Meat Rice or Claypot Chicken Rice.

中式腊肠是一种腌制的香肠,通常将其蒸熟或切成小块,然后在锅中炒。我们的腊肠,是使用天然胶原蛋白肠衣由70%的瘦猪肉和30%的脂肪制成,可以放心食用。 中式腊肠是由猪肉制成,并用米酒,酱油,玫瑰水等调味,具有独特的香气,烟熏味和非常宜人的甜味。它通常用作炒菜中的调味成分,甚至成为著名的腊肉饭或瓦煲鸡饭等等的美食。