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Moon Brand Abalone w Brown Sauce 月亮牌红烧鲍鱼 (6 heads)
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Moon Brand Abalone w Brown Sauce (5 heads)

月亮牌红烧鲍鱼 (5 头鲍)

Weight/ 重量: 425 gm±

Everyone can enjoy having abalone these days.

Braised abalone is a classic famous dish in Guangdong Province, belonging to Cantonese cuisine. Abalone known as the "Crown of Seafood". The braised sauce is made with chicken, ham, scallops and a lot of flavourings and simmered for more than 3 hours. The abalone itself has its own distinctive mild taste, but the braised sauce is so tasty that it’s being absorbed into the abalone. You can also use the braised sauce to braise mushrooms and seafood, vegetables and so on.


红烧鲍鱼是一道广东省的传统名菜,属于粤菜系。素称“海味之冠”的鲍鱼。红烧汁的做法是用鸡肉,火腿、干贝和一大堆调味料用上火焖3小时以上而成。 鲍鱼本身是没有味道的,加上红烧汁简直是颈上添花。还可以用红烧汁来焖冬菇海鲜,抄菜等等。只是红烧汁拌饭我也能吃两碗大饭,太美味了。