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Awesome Nyonya Hot Sauce 爱心娘惹辣酱 (1btl)
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Awesome Nyonya Hot Sauce 爱心辣酱

Weight / 重量: 260 gm±

Awesome Nyonya Hot Sauce is one of our masterpiece product. Every bottle of the hot sauce is made of natural ingredients and no water added. With at least 8 hours of slow heat frying, the chili mixture and other aromatics have to be kept stirring to prevent from burning. Pure lime juice is also added to enhance the flavours of the sauce.

Awesome Nyonya Hot Sauce is suitable to cook with seafood or chicken. You may use the sauce for dipping, marination, stir frying and as a gravy to your home cooking. Best cooking suggestion; Stir fry anchovies with onions, Portuguese grilled fish, steamed fish, Nyonya chicken chop etc. You will definitely fall in love with it.


爱心辣酱是我们的精心力作,每一瓶辣酱都是真材实料完全没有加水。 经过 8小时的慢火炒,过程还要不停搅拌防止炒胡,还加上了少许青柠让辣酱的味道更有层次感。

爱心辣酱适合用来炒海鲜或鸡肉类,江鱼仔大葱,葡萄牙式烧鱼,蒸鱼等等。 吃过后,肯定会爱上它。