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Luncheon Meat (Cubed) 午餐肉粒 (300gm)
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Luncheon Meat (Cubed) 午餐肉粒

Weight/ 重量: 300 gm±




Keep in freezer for 3-4 months.

If opened, keep in the refrigerator and finish within 8-10 days time.


Having Luncheon Meat is made easy now with Awesome Kitchen. We have cubed the meat so that it is made convenient for all at home. Just remove from the packaging and throw them into the wok! Your fried rice will be extra delicious in a short time.

Luncheon meat is a classic food loved by all. Our luncheon meat has its own distinctive taste and the texture is rather juicier as it is made of 100% real fresh pork meat. It can be made as a snack, eaten with frying or steaming, or as an ingredient for fried rice. No matter which way it is eaten, it has its flavours that stays in the heart.



我们午餐肉的风味相比其它市面上得牌子有一点不同,我们选用新鲜的猪肉加入淀粉,盐和香料混合製成。做出来的口感特别好,香料味也比浓。防腐剂的成分相对也比较低,放在冰箱冷冻一般保存期大概在 3 到 4个月左右。我们把午餐肉切成小粒,方便用来抄饭,抄蛋,做配料或炸后拿来送酒。