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Chicken Whole Leg Salted Herbal (Steam) 玉竹枸杞当归蒸咸鸡全腿 (2 pcs)
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  • 100% Fresh Chicken
  • Antibiotics Free Chicken
  • Hormones Free Chicken
  • Premium Chiense Herbal

Salted Herbal Chicken Whole Leg XL (Steam) 玉竹枸杞当归蒸鸡全腿 (2pcs) XL

Weight: 550gm to 600gm

We use Antibiotics & Hormones Free chicken

Cooking Method:
1. Defrost from freezer
2. Place the chicken to steam when water is boiling
3. Steam for 20 mins± until the chicken completely cooked. 

Storage: Keep in freezer for 2-3 months from date of purchase

"Steamed Chicken with Goji Berries and Angelica" is a simple and nourishing recipe! Goji Berries and Angelica plus Polygonatum or Solomon’s Seal are well-known Chinese medicines that are very helpful to the health of young and old. 

The effect of goji berries can whiten the skin and nourish the liver and improve the eyesight.

Angelica is very nourishing and promotes good blood circulation. It is a high-quality medicinal herb to help women’s blood circulation.

Polygonatum can moisturize dryness and lungs, and strengthen the body's immunity.

Chicken drumsticks are suitable for steaming. Once water is boiling, put the drumsticks on a plate and steam them for about 20 minutes. During the steaming, a very fragrant herbs flavour will spread to every corner of your home. This dish is very appetizing and nourishing. Best to have it with a bowl of warm rice at home.

“枸杞当归蒸鸡“ 一道简单做又滋补的菜肴食谱!枸杞和当归再加上玉竹都是著名中药对男女老少健康都有很大帮助,特别是女性更要时时刻刻进补。

枸杞功效可以美白養顏和養肝明目, 每个家人都血要的。

鸡腿适合用水蒸,水滚后把鸡腿装在盘子里放进去蒸大概20分钟左右。 蒸鸡腿过程会有一股非常香浓的药材味散发到你家的每个角落。真让人食欲大增,享用鸡腿时加上那浓浓的药材和鸡汁,真让人回味无穷!白饭可以来多几碗。