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Smoked Picnic Bacon 烟熏前腿培根 (250gm)
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  • 100% Fresh Local Pork
  • Less Fat
  • Smoked by imported Apple Wood

Smoked Picnic Bacon 烟熏前腿培根  


Ingredients: Fresh Pork Meat, Water, Salt, Natural Sugar, Spices and Natural Flavours (< 3%)


Our Smoked Picnic Bacon is made of fresh pork fats and lean meat that are cut into slices and then stacked on one after another. The proportion of lean meat are more than fats. After pressing, forming, and smoked, the fat content will be irregular. This smoky formula uses traditional methods and uses imported applewood. The applewood smoke is mild, with a slight sweetness and fruity flavor. Our smoky time is longer and the maturity is around 80%. The smoky flavor will be more intense, even next door can smell it when frying the bacon. When you eat it, the taste of bacon oil and the moment when the rich smoky flavour bursts in your mouth, the satisfaction is guaranteed.

我们的烟熏前腿培根程序比较多,是采用新鲜肥猪肉和瘦肉分别切成片以后再一层一层堆叠起来,通常瘦肉的比例会比较多。进过压制成型后再经过烟熏而成,脂肪花纹会比较不规则。这种烟熏配方都是使用传统方法,使用进口的苹果木。苹果木烟熏味道温和,带有略微的甜味和水果味。我们的烟熏时间较长熟透程度到80%左右, 烟熏的味道会更浓郁,煎培根时连隔壁家都能闻到。当你品尝时,培根油的口感加上那浓郁烟熏味在你口里爆开的那瞬间,那满足感是难以用语言去表达。