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Chicken Tender Salted Herbal (steam) 玉竹枸杞当归蒸鸡柳 (咸) 200gm±
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Salted Herbal Chicken Fillet (steam) 玉竹枸杞当归蒸鸡柳  200gm±

Weight: 200gm±

100% Antibiotic-Free Chicken
100% Hormone Free Chicken

Cooking Method:
1. Defrost from freezer
2. Place the chicken to steam when water is boiling
3. Steam for 20 mins± until the chicken completely cooked. 

Storage: Keep in freezer for 2-3 months from date of purchase

In this recipe, we are using Antibiotic and Hormone Free chicken breast marinated with our selected fine Chinese herbs and ingredients, safely vacuum packed to make the chicken tasty. The chicken has a very fragrant Angelica, Solomon’s Seal and a mild rice wine taste. Steam for 15 to 20 minutes with high heat and ready to serve. Serve along with a warm bowl of fragrant rice. Rest assured that you are having a healthier and safer meal for you and your loved ones at home as there is no MSG or preservatives added.