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Chicken Chop Hot & Spicy Chicken Chop 爆辣鸡扒 (Marinated - 1pc)
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Hot & Spicy Chicken Chop 爆辣鸡扒

Quantity/ 重量:1 piece (frozen vacuum packed)

Cooking Method:
1. Defrost from freezer
2. Pan fry or grill until cooked
3. Discard the balance sauce as the chicken is well marinated

Storage: Keep in freezer for 2-3 months from date of purchase

In this recipe, we are using whole boneless chicken leg marinated with our special spicy chili sauce, safely vacuum packed to make the chicken chop tasty. The chicken chop has a fragrant spicy taste. Fry on each side (skin side first) for 2 to 3 minutes until golden brown and ready to serve. Serve along with mashed potatoes, scramble eggs or any of your favourite vegetables and sides. The chicken’s spiciness will slowly emanates from your mouth with endless aftertaste. (notes: spicy level 7/10) 

全新推出的爆辣鸡扒我们是采用鸡全腿去骨和清洗干净后,加上我们特制的辣椒酱料和调味料等等。一起腌制后真空包装让鸡扒彻底入味,这口味是特地为爱吃辣的朋友而制作。 鸡扒适合用油煎,每一边煎 2 到 3 分钟直到金黄色就能上菜。 鸡扒带有一股非常香浓的辣味,那香辣味足以散发到你家的每个角落。入口后那香辣的味道慢慢在你口腔散发出来,真让人回味无穷了!(温馨提示:辣的程度大概在 7/10之间)